What is jewelry?

The art of jewelry making is thousands of years old and goes back to the time when ancient civilizations started making jewelry for decorative purposes. In the past, jewelry making had many uses, the most important of which was the decorative use and display of precious stones, expressing faith and belief, showing social status, etc. The most widely used type of jewelry was used for royal purposes, and the most expensive and beautiful jewels were used in the crowns of the kingdom and the royal family.

What is the origin of jewelry?

Over the years, the continuous discovery of new stones, precious metals, and decorative materials, mixed with the advancement of jewelry making tools and metallurgy, has made the art of jewelry making no longer belong to a certain stratum (the prosperous stratum of society) and anyone from any social class can access delicate and beautiful jewelry.

Use gold as a key material.

It can be safely said that until today, no material has been able to engage people's hearts and minds like gold. Gold is loved by everyone because of its rarity and extremely beautiful shine. The use of gold in jewelry began at the time of Alexander the Great, and gold has been used as an integral part of jewelry for more than 15 centuries. Working with gold in this field is easier than with other metals. Basically, pure gold is too soft to use in jewelry, so it is mixed with other alloys such as copper and zinc. The degree of purity of gold is checked according to its carat, which is as follows: 
24 carat gold: 99.9%
22 carat gold: 91.7% 
18 carat gold: 75%
14 carat gold: 58.3%
12 carat gold: 50%
10 carat gold: 41.7%