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No. 1-Introducing Dior's very beautiful jewelry

Art on the body: Victoire de Castellane designs these particularly beautiful creations for Dior.



Art on the body Victoire de Castellane designs these particularly beautiful creations for Dior

Not surprisingly, alongside the gardens and roses loved by Christian Dior, the world of couture is a rich source of inspiration for Victoire de Castellane.

In 2014, the artistic director of Dior Jewelry opted for ruffles and pleats for her classic-inspired "Archi Dior" collection; a year later for "Soie Dior" with ribbons and silk, while lace inspired the ultra-feminine "Dior Dior Dior" collection in 2018.

What is amazing, however, is that de Castellane is now taking up all these couture elements again in one go and has reached a high point in her 23-year career with her latest jewelry collection, "Galons Dior."

"Galons" comprises 81 pieces and is, as the name suggests, an ode to braiding that gives the finishing touch to many a dream dress: "The patterns, borders, and connections of my earlier jewelry reminded me of the braiding of couture dresses," says de Castellane.

In couture, a braid is a thick piece of fabric with repeating patterns. It is used to decorate dresses to give them an elegant and sophisticated finish. In this collection, I wanted to pay tribute to the borders by enhancing them and turning them into precious jewelry.

No. 2-Introducing Dior's beautiful jewelry

Decorative details adorn these beautiful pieces of jewelry by Dior.

Decorative details adorn these beautiful pieces of jewelry by Dior.

This intention is embodied by the "Multi Galons" suite, which is led by an outstanding necklace of ten strands, each set with a different cut and motif, while four metals—yellow, rose, white gold, and platinum—are chosen to provide additional luxury and contrast.

A strand of soft florets of pear and brilliant cut diamonds are set against a herringbone pattern of baguette cut diamonds.

Additional layers are created by angled, staggered strands crafted from a multitude of round, square and princess-cut brilliant-cut diamonds.

A matching cross pattern bracelet offers a more graphic interpretation, here in three different golds, in which the same jewel threads encircle a classic oval-cut diamond.

If couture details set the tone in de Castellane's earlier collections, in "Galons" it is a whole universe of sumptuous, decorative details.

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