Custom engagement ring - 2 benefits to Making engagement ring

Making engagement rings has become very popular in the past decades. According to some sources, about 45% of engagement rings sold are custom-made. Due to buyers' interest in these rings, this number is expected to increase greatly in the coming years.

Today, custom engagement rings are available at many jewelry retailers and independent jewelry workshops. In general and ideally, it is better to talk to a real jewelry designer when making these types of rings. You can even consult the staff of jewelry stores in this regard. However, you must go to jewelry workshops to make these types of engagement rings.

What kind of ring is a custom engagement ring?

Custom engagement rings are made by jewelry workshops. In this process, the customer specifies the design and structure of the ring and even its value in the desired order, and the jeweler uses his art to design and make the ring desired by the customer.
Why have custom-made engagement rings been considered in recent years?

Part of the reason for this gradual growth in popularity is that jewelry manufacturing technology has become much cheaper. While jewelers used to design and build the entire piece by hand, now jewelry modeling software allows even complex designs to be produced in a relatively short amount of time. This process reduces labor and production costs, and as a result, the final cost for the consumer is greatly reduced.


2 main advantages of making custom engagement rings


making custom engagement rings

Here we introduce some main advantages of making custom engagement rings. Of course, in the end, you can see the disadvantages of this process too. The choice is yours to decide whether to buy a ready-made engagement ring or to make an engagement ring to your taste and design.

  • Advantage #1 - You have unlimited freedom to create a unique ring.

An engagement ring is a very special piece of jewelry that you give to a special person in your life as a sign of your love. But most engagement rings you find in jewelry stores aren't that "special." You can even find old and famous rings, but the important thing is that these rings are no longer special. Many men find custom jewelry workshops because they can easily create unique rings for men. A ring made in this way can have an enveloping beauty and show your personality values well.

With the cooperation of a professional jewelry designer, you can choose everything including the type of jewelry, metal color, and overall design. Since most women want something that matches their unique style and beauty, this is one of the major benefits of choosing a custom engagement ring.

  • Advantage #2 - It can cost less

Believe it or not, having a custom engagement ring made can save you money. Of course, it depends on the jewelry workshop you choose. Also, the type of ring and its features affect your cost. According to studies, if your custom engagement ring is made in a jewelry workshop, you may save up to 20% or more on the final price. This amount is a huge difference for an expensive item like an engagement ring.
Of course, you should pay attention to the fact that some jewelry workshops may charge you more than other workshops. So you need to find a place or site where you can get in touch with a lot of jewelers. If you are not sure how your chosen workshop will price your engagement ring, you can contact the consultants of jewelry districts site and use their advice.

Disadvantages of custom-made engagement rings

We talked about the most important advantages of an engagement ring in Farsi, but it is better to mention the most important disadvantage of this process.

  • The process of choosing and making the ring may take too long.

While unlimited freedom can be a good thing, it can make things a little complicated for a guy who doesn't know much about jewelry. As a result, this process may take a little longer. It should be noted that engagement requests usually occur in unexpected circumstances and are very surprising. So, it is better not to talk to your partner about the model of the engagement ring or ask for his opinion! The important thing is to consult with a professional jeweler. This consultation will allow you to explore various creative opportunities to make a very beautiful ring.


Although custom engagement rings are a good choice for most couples looking for a unique and romantic ring, they are not for everyone. If you think she prefers a plain, unadorned diamond solitaire and wants the option of returning the ring, buying her ring from a retail store can be a good idea. If she prefers to have something special for her and maybe even cheaper, it is better to consult a jeweler.

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