Enduring Romance in Picchiotti Bridal Collection

The new bridal collection features rings and bands from Picchiotti’s best-selling Xpandable Collection with special technology that allows the ring to expand up to two ring sizes. This unique technology allows exciting new options for today’s bridal couple – a groom can surprise his bride without knowing her ring size or a wedding band can continue to fit for decades, despite the influences of aging and/or pregnancy that often affect ring size.

The collection also includes runway-worthy statement earrings that create dramatic and elegant silhouettes without being uncomfortably heavy on the bride’s big day. As Millennials now set the trends, more and more brides are getting engaged and/or married with colored gemstones, not just plain white diamonds.

Picchiotti bridal collection

Picchiotti’s bridal collection


I find myself regularly inspired by the loyalty and love of friends and customers around the world,” says Giuseppe Picchiotti, founder and CEO. “That loyalty, plus my own good fortune to have spent my life with my beautiful bride, motivated me to create an exceptional new bridal collection. These brilliant and beautiful styles bring out the radiance of every bride and offer unsurpassed quality for enduring value to ensure that they become treasured heirlooms for the happy couple’s next 50 years.”

Discover Picchiotti’s bridal collection at www.picchiotti.it

News Source : jfwmagazine.com

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