Chopard creates a moment in time - 8 new watch

In tune with a new and youth-fuelled mood of luxury, L’Heure du Diamant re-ignites the spirit of the 60s and highlights Chopard’s unrivalled mastery of both refined jewellery artistry and artisanal watchmaking skills.

An homage to the Maison’s indefatigable pursuit of timeless modernism. Chopard presents L’Heure du Diamant: eight new timepieces inspired by the original 1969 models, their design contemporised, the craftsmanship refined, proportions, colours and textures harmonised, to create a sublime jewellery watch for our moment in time that still resonates with the unmistakable beat of 1960s modernism. A timepiece that effortlessly and elegantly balances fine jewellery and fine watchmaking, showcasing the dual expertise that is the essence of Chopard.

Chopard creates a moment in time

Each watch features a dial specially carved from a mesmerising mineral: midnight blue, gold-flecked lapis lazuli; velvety, forest green malachite swirled with striations; vivacious, sunlit sky blue turquoise; darkly dramatic black opal, with its lightning flashes of intense green and red fire. The deep, vibrant, emotionally-stirring colours of the dials are encircled in diamonds, of generous size, – a modernising element – totalling more than four carats and creating a striking contrast between sheen and shine, between the texture, opacity or glinting depths of the dials and the brilliance of the diamonds, their fire and life intensified by Chopard’s “crown” setting.


Chopard understands that choice is vital today, part of the ongoing quest for individuality, and so these jewellery watches are offered either on alligator straps in rich, co-ordinating colours, or on a white gold bracelet, heavily textured in authentic ‘60s ‘tree-bark’ style, yet with the added finesse of Chopard’s special, proprietary finish that ensures the gold is smooth to the touch, feels like silk on the skin and does not snag or catch on fabric. The technique, pioneered by the Scheufele family in the 1960s, involves hand-engraving the gold which is then fixed to the structure of the watch bracelet, ensuring flexibility and fluidity. Another element of both design and craftsmanship, so evocative of the organic theme of 1960s and 70s jewellery, so in tune too with today’s naturalistic mood.

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