Cartier x Sacai: This limited collection lives up to the classic "Trinity"!

Cartier and Sacai are launching their first line: the result is six innovative, minimalist pieces of jewelry that are in no way inferior to the "Trinity" classic.

The "Trinity" ring has been part of jeweler Cartier's family of jewelry for almost a century. The three intertwined rings, made of yellow, rose and white gold, are iconic of this model and stand for clarity with their reduced form. Designed by Louis Cartier in 1924, the ring breaks all boundaries and is more modern than ever today. The fashion label Sacai was founded by Chitose Abe in 1999 and reflects the same thoughts. The designer shapes the ordinary into the extraordinary and eliminates the differences between day and night, high and low, front and back. The 'CARTIER TRINITY FOR CHITOSE ABE OF sacai' collection is first and foremost a creative encounter between designer Chitose Abe and the Maison's design studios. Two worlds of jewelry and fashion that couldn't be more appropriate.

The collaboration has resulted in two rings, a bracelet, a necklace, an earring and a versatile piece that is both an earring and a ring. The trilogy of rings in white, yellow and rose gold takes center stage, redefining the shape and wearing of the pieces.

This limited collection lives up to the classic Trinity

Chitose Abe on her way of working and its essence

I was struck by the timeless simplicity of the original 'Trinity' shape and how something almost a century old can look so modern and contemporary.I've explored how shape changes in movement—the spacing between the rings as a metaphor for the tension between the values of fidelity—capturing and freezing, as in movement, to evolve from something familiar to do something new.

This is the essence of Sacai. ""Chitose is a unique designer. Before she constructs, she deconstructs. She deconstructs clothes, functions and fabrics and reassembles them in her own way. In this process she finds harmony and a sensual balance between timelessness and topicality, casual and elegant, new and classic Since she was young, she has loved the simple yet powerful design of "Trinity".

The "CARTIER TRINITY FOR CHITOSE ABE OF SACAI" collection has deconstructed the iconic three-band ring to present it in a whole new way and way to reconstruct, expanding from one to several fingers, creating new movements and new connections. This collection becomes a new metaphor for love, friendship and fidelity.Japan will be the first country to offer the reinterpretation of the "Trinity" classic exclusively and in a limited edition from July, followed by the major cities of Paris, London, New York and Seoul (from September).

Two great talents from the contemporary Japanese art scene were engaged for the campaign film: the artist Hikaru Utada and the video artist Yuichi Kodama.


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