What we do

Jewelry Districts was created based on facilitating the jewelry-making process. We help you on this site to easily buy the jewelry you want, such as gold bangles and gold rings, engagement rings, gold necklaces, ornamental jewelry, jewelry watches, gold watches, etc.

Jewelry Districts provides a platform for you to easily be in direct contact with jewelry production workshops in America. You can choose one from dozens of jewelry workshops and submit your order to this workshop. You can also easily track your order on the site by using the site's facilities to see at what stage of construction it is at any moment.

Contact to sellers

 One of the important points that should be paid attention to in making jewelry is the use of precious and ornamental stones. We at Jewelry Districts have made it possible for you as a customer to be in contact with the major manufacturers and sellers of these stones. As a regular customer or a jewelry workshop, you can contact these people and buy the precious stones you need at a reasonable price.

What Jewelry Districts Do

Using articles, news and workshops:

You can easily refer to the articles section of this site and use specialized articles in the field of jewelry. These articles have been written for you in different sections. As a result, you can easily use dozens and hundreds of published articles.

 Also, in the news section of the site, you can find out about the latest examples and models of the world. These items will help you to order the jewelry you need according to the latest fashion.

You can also participate in the workshop sections of this site. Workshops may be held online, in webinars and articles, or in face-to-face workshops. As a result, you can participate in one of these workshops based on your needs to get to know the process of making all kinds of jewelry closely.

Buying and selling equipment, jewelry raw materials and precious stones:

If you work as a jewelry maker, you can register your workshop on this site. As a result, you can earn money from customers and visitors of this site. You can also buy the equipment and tools and even the raw materials you need from the registered sellers on this site.

Jewelry Districts is not only a site for ordering and buying jewelry, but on this site, even jewelry makers can buy the raw materials and equipment they need. Also, sellers can easily sell raw materials, precious stones and jewelry-making equipment.