FAQ - Frequently Asked Jewelry Districts Questions

Is jewelry cheaper in the Jewelry Districts?

Of course, they're cheaper than prestigious branded stores. So, if you like being able to look at diamonds in person, you may find better prices compared to high-end stores. Have fun and good luck with the Jewelry Districts site!


What time of year is jewelry the cheapest?

During the slow summer months when demand is low the price of gold, silver, and even diamonds can also decrease, which will ultimately affect the price of the final product and you'll be able to find quality jewelry pieces at prices you might not see in winter.


What determines the value of jewelry?

The quality and carat weight of the stones in gemstone and diamond jewelry can dramatically affect a piece's value. If a piece of jewelry has been well cared for and is in good or excellent condition, this has a positive impact on its resale value.


What makes the quality of jewelry?

High-quality jewelry doesn't crack, shatter, or bend as easily as its cheaper counterparts. This means they'll survive constant wear and tear. Pure gold is malleable but that also makes it last for generations. When gold bends, it loses none of its precious qualities.


What is the most popular jewelry?

Earrings are the most popular type of jewelry, round-cut stones reign supreme and bigger is better! That's what more than 3,700 women said when we asked them about their favorite jewelry.


Why buy an engagement ring in Jewelry Districts?

When you purchase a Jewelry Districts diamond, you’re receiving much more than a tangible item. You gain peace of mind knowing that your ring is cared for and protected for years to come. From cleaning and sizing to our lifetime limited warranty, we’re proud to offer a large variety of exclusive benefits to our patrons.  

Frequently Asked Jewelry Districts Questions



What is the purpose of Jewelry Districts?

Jewelry Districts is a functional site where you can directly contact workshops and jewelry manufacturers. On this site, you can easily contact jewelry makers all over America and place your orders.


 Is it possible to communicate with jewelry workshops outside the United States?

 One of the goals of Jewelry Districts is to register jewelry workshops outside of the United States so that you can easily contact professional jewelry manufacturers outside of the United States. All the workshops introduced on this site operate in the form of retail sales. As a result, middlemen and brokers have been eliminated.


 Is Jewelry Districts useful for jewelry makers?

 If you are active in the jewelry industry, you can easily see different wholesalers and retailers and enter into a transaction with them. The noteworthy point is that the transactions are B2B and there is no need for an intermediary.  You are directly dealing with people and there is no need for the presence of intermediary companies and additional costs.


Are the articles presented on the site free?

 Yes, all the articles and news presented in Jewelry Districts are provided to you for free. Also, you can register your email in the site's newsletter to be informed of new news and articles as soon as possible and read them in your email.


Are the courses offered at Jewelry Districts free?

 The training provided is provided to users based on the type of training. If the trainings are special training workshops, they will be included in the cost. Otherwise, the trainings will be available to the audience for free.


 Is it possible to directly contact the workshops in Jewelry Districts?

 Yes, you can easily contact the workshops registered on this site and place your orders directly.